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Transformative Leadership for Smaller Churches (AM-632)

Two-thirds of Protestant churches in North America are smaller (having less than 100 in worship), and the number of smaller churches is growing, not declining. Whether they thrive, survive, decline, or close is significantly determined by how their leaders lead and the way they live out their congregational life. The thesis of the course is that smaller churches are both the right size to be and do all that God asks a church to be and do and they are different from other sized congregations. With this dual thesis in mind, students will be helped to understand the characteristics, dynamics, particularities, practicalities, needs, potential, and possibilities that may be addressed or realized through transformative leadership. Participants will explore a small theology and a body of theory that will provide the foundation for a faithful and effective twenty-first century smaller church. Finally, students will imagine themselves with their gifts as transformative leaders for such a church.

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David Ray


Summer 2015

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