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Fishing in a Shallow Sea: Church Leadership Strategies in a Secular Age (AM-648)

Significant research indicates that much, if not most, of the decline of the Mainline church, has been the result of the decreasing frequency of attendance. For example, many 400 member churches haven’t lost members, but attendance has still declined by 50% because people simply do not attend as often.  The church has failed to recognize these trends, panicked about the wrong things, and hence failed to developed appropriate leadership responses. We are offering the wrong answers because we have asked the wrong questions.  We have assumed that people who are “spiritual but not religious” don’t like the church and our responses have missed the mark because we have misunderstood what they are really saying.  This course will explore: ways to utilize technology, social networking, a reframed understanding of ecclesiology, revitalized vintage worship, and a new understanding of missiology as ways of develop the skills to become “fishers of souls” in the shallow seas of and increasing secular culture.

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Michael Piazza


Fall 2016

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