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Student Writing Resources

Hartford Seminary offers all students the services of a Writing Consultant, at no charge to the student. The Writing Consultant, Emily Holcombe, helps students improve their command of written English, organize essays and research papers, and follow the rules for footnotes and bibliography. Submitted writing must be for current coursework at Hartford Seminary.

To make an appointment, please phone or text Emily at (860) 707-4585. You may also contact her via email Eghnewmoon@aol.com both to request appointments and to submit papers.  Emily can meet at various times during the week by arrangement with individual students; in addition, she has set office hours on campus two times per week:

Office Hours (Room 207, Student Meeting Room)

Monday:                      Noon – 2:00pm

Thursday:                    Noon – 2:00pm

Please note that during inclement weather, Emily may not be on campus. Please call, email or text her on those days to schedule an appointment.

Emily prefers to receive papers by e-mail attachment, but is open to other arrangements. She will meet with a student once or twice, as time allows. She can confer also by phone, e-mail, or text, or for longer distances, by post.

Please note that all papers must be submitted ahead of time in order to allow for editing and revision — both for Emily and you. Papers will be returned to the student within three to seven days, but please allow enough time, based on the length of the paper, to make the necessary revisions. See below for approximate guidelines.

  Length of Paper

Emily’s work time

Your Revision Time

Time Spent In Editing & Revising

1-5 pages

2-3 days

1-2 days

3-5 days

6-15 pages

3-4 days

2-3 days

5-7 days

15+ pages

6-7 days

2-4 days

8-11 days


Papers are considered received by Emily upon her receipt of the paper during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9:00am-6:00pm. A paper sent at 11:30pm on a Tuesday will be “received” during business hours on Wednesday.

All students will receive a confirmation email from Emily which will include a date and time stamp, as well as estimation on when she will return the paper.

Please be aware that Emily may need additional time to work on a paper during busy times of the semester. Thus, it is better to build a cushion of 1-2 days into the time necessary for editing and revising during the mid-point and final weeks of a semester. Please include (and follow) any guidelines set forth by the professor and kindly make sure that Emily is aware of them also.

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