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BEC_2971Securing the future… that is what Annual Fund gifts, in essence, do for Hartford Seminary. Gifts to Hartford Seminary help to support the mission of Hartford Seminary and its focus on developing and training future religious leaders of various faith traditions.

We offer unique programs within an interfaith setting, focusing on deepening knowledge of one’s own tradition balanced with developing skills in interfaith dialogue.

We are preparing peacemakers and promoting vital faith communities.

Gifts to Hartford Seminary’s Annual Fund provide support for all programs that we offer.  This support  includes program operating costs.  The programs which are funded in part due to donation dollars include:

Degree Programs 

Through our degree programs, Hartford Seminary students learn to describe and analyze their central beliefs and reasons for action. We help our students gain an understanding of their own faith tradition and a respect for the traditions of others, and help them relate their faith tradition to the changing nature of current realities.  For more information …

The Islamic Chaplaincy Program

Hartford Seminary’s Islamic Chaplaincy Program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to work as chaplains in college, hospitals, prisons and the military.  Chaplains serve the religious needs of Muslims and the larger faith community in multifaith contexts.  It is the first such fully accredited program in the United States. For more information 

Certificate Programs

Hartford Seminary seeks to serve the community by providing introductory and experientially based theological education on a schedule convenient to both clergy and lay leaders.  The programs are designed to help participants strengthen their faith, develop their spirituality, and learn to engage more effectively in the ministries of their churches, faith groups and local communities.  They include:

International Peacemaking Program

Hartford Seminary began the International Peacemaking Program (IPP) in 2004, recognizing the need for skilled peacemakers in many countries with which the Seminary has connections, as well as the unique leadership training that could be provided here. The IPP is for Christians and Muslims who live in overseas areas where there is interreligious conflict. Students in the International Peacemaking Program spend an academic year studying interfaith dialogue and leadership skills that also includes an emphasis on public engagement and public speaking skills. In addition to their formal studies, students are embedded in a local faith community where they experience American religious culture firsthand.  For more information …

Black Ministries Program

Hartford Seminary’s Black Ministries Program (BMP) is a national model for building the leadership, training, and preaching skills of laity and clergy in the urban church. Individual components of the BMP are: Black Ministries Certificate Program, Black Ministries Alumni Seminars, and Educational Outreach Programming. Men and women from throughout the region who are deeply concerned about the needs of our society can enroll in this program so they can become effective advocates. BMP students understand that people of faith must have tools to put their love of God into action for their church, their families, and their communities. Since its inception in 1982, the BMP has prepared nearly 1,000 men and women for effective service.  For more information …

Hispanic Ministries Program—Programa de Ministerios Hispanos

The Hispanic Ministries Program provides introductory theological education for ministry and leadership in Hispanic churches and communities. Through its Hispanic Ministries Certificate Program, taught in English in conjunction with the BMP beginning in the academic year 2011-12, classes are intended to help clergy and lay leaders strengthen the faith and witness of churches in Hispanic and Latino communities throughout New England. The program is also open to individuals who wish to obtain educational opportunities for personal and community enrichment.  For more information …


Women’s Leadership Institute:  A Program in Applied Spirituality

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) is an experience based program committed to developing an embodied spirituality grounded in the very real world of our personal and public lives. During nine weekend seminars that meet monthly from September through May, participants strengthen leadership skills rooted in a feminist perspective that is justice-based, globally oriented, attentive to diversity, and ritually expressed.  For more information …

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