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Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 - hARTsem DAYS: Celebrate the Arts and Spirituality at Hartford Seminary

The Baptists of Mesopotamia: Origins and Beliefs of the Sabian Mandaeans

Join us for a lunch presentationby Haidar Reda Mohamad, an International Peacemaking Program student, who will discuss the Sabian Mandaeans. These religious adherents, who live in modern Iraq, belong to an ancient religion. They are monotheistic and have several holy books. They believe in six prophets, from Adam to John the Baptist and speak Aramaic. Haidar will offer a PowerPoint presentation about their practices and beliefs.

Haidar Reda Mohamad worked for Mesopotamia, an Iraqi magazine. He applied to study at Hartford Seminary, he said, ?to gainknowledge, skills andpractices toincorporate into my research and dialogue.? ?I hope to come out of thisprogram ready to bring change and work for peace,? he said. Haidar is enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Interfaith Dialogue.

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