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Poverty, Peace, Planet Earth and the Prophetic Voice

Three panel discussions presented by Hartford Seminary, the Hartford Public Library, Charter Oak Cultural Center and the Conference of Churches on Tuesday, March 20; Tuesday, April 24; Wednesday, June 6

Bob Edgar, President of Common Cause, says that each of us must step up ?with an interfaith courageous commitment to address peace, poverty and Planet Earth.” This series of panel discussions will examine the community?s responsibility toward poverty, peace, and planet Earth from an interfaith and public policy perspective. The discussions will touch on the religions? place in American society and how they should use that place to reflect the prophetic, theological voice on these three issues with additional comment from community leaders.

March 20: Confronting Poverty, 5:30 p.m. refreshments, 6 p.m. panel discussion
Location: Hartford Public Library, 500 Main Street, Hartford


  • Bishop Peter Rosazza, Archdiocese of Hartford
  • Rabbi Donna Berman, Executive Director, Charter Oak Cultural Center, Hartford
  • Imam Kashif Abdul-Karim, Muhammad Islamic Center, Hartford
  • Adrienne Cochrane, President and Chief Executive Officer, Urban League of Greater Hartford, Hartford

Moderator: The Rev. Dr. Shelley D. Best, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Conference of Churches

April 24: Promoting Peace, 5:30 p.m. refreshments,6 p.m. panel discussion
Location: Hartford Public Library,500 MainStreet, Hartford


  • Christopher Allen-Doucot, The Hartford Catholic Worker, Hartford
  • Rabbi Craig Marantz, Congregation Kol Haverim, Glastonbury
  • Aida Mansoor, President, Muslim Coalition of Connecticut
  • Mike Winterfield, West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice

Moderator: Heidi Hadsell, Ph.D., President, Hartford Seminary, and Professor of Social Ethics

June 6: Protecting Planet Earth, 6:30 p.m. refreshments, 7 p.m. panel discussion
Location: Charter Oak Cultural Center, 21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford


  • Dr. Mark Mitchell, President, Mitchell Environmental Health Associates, Hartford
  • The Rev. Thomas Carr, Co-Chair, Interreligious Eco-Justice Network
  • Rabbi Andrea Cohen-Kiener, author ?Claiming Earth as Common Ground?
  • Yahya Michot, Ph.D., Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, Hartford Seminary

Moderator: John Humphries, Hartford Friends Meeting and Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice

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